Take control of your online privacy now!


Get VPN?VPN for Mac is an easy tool that hides your real IP address. protection in 3 easy steps
to keep your online activity on Mac private and hidden from your Internet Service Provider, advertisers or government.

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Download and Install
  • 1. Download and Install
  • 2. Choose your VPN location
  • 3. Browse without a trace!
  • Use VPN for Mac to protect against surveillance and internet censorship


    Hide your IP address of your iMac or MacBook to prevent hacking and tracking.



    Keep your internet connection secure when using public Wi-Fi in cafes, hotels or airports with VPN access switched on.



    Prevent your Internet Service Provider from selling your browsing history (yes, they can do that now).



    Bypass online censorship, practiced by universities, employers, and governments. Be free!


    Secure your digital lifestyle

    with the content Unblocker and an unlimited VPN for Macs.

    • Fast
    • Secure
    • Easy to use
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    Download Instructions


    Access the installer from at the top right corner, and double
    click the setup file


    Click on "Continue" when
    prompted, to complete the
    installation process

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